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Welcome from our Music Captains

February 17, 2016 by artrangeview   

Welcome to the Rangeview Music Blog! Our names are Darcy, Tianna and Beau.

My name is Darcy. I’m one of the band leaders. I play the guitar and have been in the band for 3 years. I love band and playing music. My favourite band is Acdc.

My name is Tianna, I’m one of the band leaders. I play the flute and have been in the band for 4 years. My favourite artist is Justin Beiber.

My name is Beau I am the choir captain. I have been in the choir for 6 years. I love to sing and am extremely good with technology.

This is a little message for Beau as he has been unwell lately. Beau – Hope you get well soon and hope you can get back to school and choir soon! From Tianna, Darcy and Mrs Melitsis.

Please check back into the Music blog to see what we are up to the in the Music Room. There will be regular updates on choir and band as well as well as lots of excellent music articles for parents and families to read about practicing and choosing an instrument to learn.

choirbandcaptainsphoto2016L-R: Beau, Tianna, Darcy and Mrs Melitsis

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  1. Jhanvi Rajagopalan says:

    I think there isn’t much singing in the Olympic song. I don’t mind it but it’s repetitive.

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