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May, 2016

  1. Just One Day Music Performances and Term 2

    May 16, 2016 by kmelitsis

    We have been doing lots of musical activities that link in with our whole-school ‘Just One Day’ unit.

    Level 1 and 2 have been learning songs from Ghana and Morocco. A song that we particularly liked is called ‘Funga Alafia’. This song has many components to it such as singing, actions and performing on a variety of percussion instruments. We learned about singing call and response where one group will sing the first part and the second group will respond with a musical answer.

    This lead us onto discussed how some countries are not as fortunate as us to be able to learn from new instruments or take part in individual music lesson. We watched a video clip about Paraguay’s Landfill Orchestra. It shows the life of the people in a small town near Paraguay, where they have used recycled instruments out of ‘trash’. We discussed that even though our instruments may look different, the children in the video clip looked like they were having the same amount of enjoyment when playing music.

    The band and choirs have been enjoying selecting songs from different countries. During our Just One Day official day, we will be using no electricity and living simply in order to appreciate simple amenities. Both the band and the choir will perform songs in a traditional way, Senior Choir will use simple piano accompaniment and percussion instruments. Junior Choir will use bass xylophone, flute and piano. Band will not be using any electric guitars of keyboards, instead using acoustic guitars and a variety of auxiliary percussion instruments.

    Please come along and support the Senior Choir perform our Just One Day songs on Friday at our JOD Closing Ceremony. The Junior Choir will perform the following week on Monday 23 May. The Band will perform later in the term.

    We have lots of other events going in Term 2 including our NEVR concert at Hamer Hall titled ‘Music of the Masters’. Senior Choir(L5/6 students only) and members of the Rookie Band, Concert Band and String Orchestra will perform for us in this very special event. We will be performing with different primary and secondary schools around the North Eastern Melbourne area.

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