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August, 2016

  1. Combined Rangeview and Aquinas Band Workshop

    August 28, 2016 by kmelitsis

    Last Wednesday 24 August, the Rangeview Band teamed up with the Aquinas Junior Band to workshop and perform a short concert in the hall for the Rangeview students. We enjoyed getting to meet the Aquinas students and have them mentor us. A special thank you to Aquinas Instrumental Coordinator, Ms Trewartha and staff for this valuable opportunity!

    IMG_4550 IMG_4549 IMG_4548 IMG_4546 IMG_4545 IMG_4544



  2. Whole School Mini Olympics

    August 21, 2016 by kmelitsis

    Last Thursday, we had our Rangeview whole school mini Olympics. Each class chose a country to dress up and represent. We enjoyed our day which began with our Opening Ceremony – each class paraded in their country colours to their National Anthems. We had a performance by the school band. 4L(NZ) performed the Hakka and 4O(Greece) performed the Zorba Dance. The band also performed two songs ‘Tequila'(Latin) and ‘Red Earth Dances'(African).

    After recess, we enjoyed our multi-aged group rotations where we took part in different activities such as fencing with newspaper, table tennis, hammer throwing, equestrian(with people!) and relay races. It was great to see everyone working as a team and getting involved in the activities.

    The closing ceremony began with a song by the Junior Choir called ‘Sports Carnival Song’ followed by a combined Junior Choir and Senior Choir song ‘I Still Call Australia Home’. Senior Choir then performed ‘Eye of the Tiger’. To finish the ceremony, we then had the rock band perform ‘Smells like ‘TWEEN’ Spirit’. Well done to all the students that performed and assisted in the running of this fantastic day.

    Level 5 and 6 students – Please share some of your comments and feedback on the day. What did you enjoy about the day? What was memorable for you? Did you perform? 

    DSCF4747 DSCF4737 DSCF4735 DSCF4742

  3. Combined Band Workshop with Vermont Primary School

    August 15, 2016 by kmelitsis

    The combined band workshop is a fantastic tradition we take part in every year. Mrs Melitsis and Mr Fraser work together with staff from Rangeview and Vermont Primary School to rehearse and perform to students, families and teachers. This year, we rehearsed at Vermont Primary School on Wednesday 3 August.

    Here are some photos of our day – we enjoyed playing games, rehearsing together, playing in a sectional and of course – performing to our family, friends and the students of Vermont Primary School in the afternoon! A special thanks to Mr Fraser, Mr Straughan, Mrs Van der Tooren and the staff at Vermont Primary School who helped rehearse and perform with us. You made us feel very welcome and we can’t wait to return the favour next year!

    IMG_4369IMG_4366 IMG_4362 IMG_4378 IMG_4380 IMG_4362 IMG_4373 IMG_4346 IMG_4348 IMG_4350 IMG_4372 IMG_4377 IMG_4379 IMG_4354

  4. Captain AB Song writing Challenge Acknowledgements

    August 8, 2016 by kmelitsis

    Earlier in the year, Level 3 and 4 students took part in the Captain AB song writing challenge. We did lots of research and discussed how we could compose a song using Garageband – everything from writing lyrics to layering tracks. Although we are not experts in composition yet, we had lots of fun working in groups and writing a meaningful and original song to tackle anti-bullying. I have to say I am super proud of all Level 3 and 4 students to giving this activity a go!

    Here are some groups I wanted to acknowledge for their hard work. These students showed collaboration, creative thinking and critical thinking in order to achieve their final result.

    above Grace’s group (4B)

    above Keanah’s group (3S)

    above Lily’s group (3S)

    above Christian’s group (4O)

    above Joanne’s group (3/4A)

    A huge congratulations to these groups! I hope all student’s gained some insight into composing a song – you can give it a go at home!

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