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  1. Level 3&4 Captain AB Songwriting Challenge

    April 20, 2016 by kmelitsis

    As a part of a whole school initiative to create discussion and awareness on issues such as anti-bullying and our school values, all students in Level 3 and 4 took part in a group song writing challenge in Music. This Captain AB Challenge began as a poster/video challenge in classrooms, but I thought it would be great to adapt this to Music as it can engage audiences in so many ways.

    We began by listening to songs with a catchy riff or beat and then discussed different styles of music. We also discussed how songs are structured. Here is an anchor chart of our discussion:


    Students are lucky enough to be able to use the app ‘Garageband’ to compose their group song. Some of the guidelines were that students need to set a plan before they began recording. The plan included: writing lyrics, ensuring all group members had a job and utilising their rehearsal time and space effectively.

    Here are some photos of students working collaboratively during this unit.


    IMG_2819 IMG_2814



    Students have also made an iMovie and will hopefully show this at assembly once completed. Well done to all the Level 3 and 4 students for taking on this challenge!

  2. Encouraging our young musicians at Rangeview

    March 7, 2016 by artrangeview

    I mentioned in the Rangeview’s newsletter ‘The View’ this week about facilitating and encouraging young musicians in their instrumental development.

    I found this particular article interesting as it addresses ways families can encourage their children in their musical development even without having a lot of musical understanding. Instrumental lessons are a great way for students to develop their musical, social and academic abilities.

    The article talks about encouraging students on choosing an instrument that suits them, finding a practice time that works around their daily routine, writing down their musical goals, setting up mini performances at home and a reward system for consistently good practice.

    I encourage all families to read this article and simplify it to their children. Happy music making!

    Mrs K Melitsis

    12 March update – Since the blog post, I watched a very powerful documentary on ABC’s program Catalyst titled ‘Music on the Brain’. The documentary discusses how music can be a powerful healing tool, improve memory and how music is unique to humans from a very young age. This documentary is a great watch for parents or upper high school students.

    Secondly, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a Professional Development session yesterday that discussed the Victorian Curriculum specific to Music(more on this topic at a later date). We were shown a video by Bobby McFerrin(yes, THE Bobby McFerrin) presenting at World Science Festival. He used audience participation to sing a pentatonic scale – arguable the most common scale in Western culture. McFerrin mentions the pentatonic example he demonstrates, the result is exactly the same. We are trained to feel and understand the pentatonic scale…some of us without knowing that we know it! A fascinating link between music and science that is explained in a very simple and engaging way. The video clip is appropriate for all ages.

  3. Welcome from our Music Captains

    February 17, 2016 by artrangeview

    Welcome to the Rangeview Music Blog! Our names are Darcy, Tianna and Beau.

    My name is Darcy. I’m one of the band leaders. I play the guitar and have been in the band for 3 years. I love band and playing music. My favourite band is Acdc.

    My name is Tianna, I’m one of the band leaders. I play the flute and have been in the band for 4 years. My favourite artist is Justin Beiber.

    My name is Beau I am the choir captain. I have been in the choir for 6 years. I love to sing and am extremely good with technology.

    This is a little message for Beau as he has been unwell lately. Beau – Hope you get well soon and hope you can get back to school and choir soon! From Tianna, Darcy and Mrs Melitsis.

    Please check back into the Music blog to see what we are up to the in the Music Room. There will be regular updates on choir and band as well as well as lots of excellent music articles for parents and families to read about practicing and choosing an instrument to learn.

    choirbandcaptainsphoto2016L-R: Beau, Tianna, Darcy and Mrs Melitsis

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    February 15, 2016 by artrangeview

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